Leanmap is an international operations consultancy, specializing in industrialization, rationalization and business turnarounds. We provide the strategies, proven solutions, and interim management assistance to solve operational constraints, raise performance levels, and prepare our clients for the future. We operate from hubs in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the United States to support companies worldwide to restructure, stabilize, and expand. We are called to optimize operational footprints, layout new factories, streamline processes, lead transformation programs, and bring mission-critical projects back on track. Read more…

Engagement Model

We offer three engagement options to meet our clients’ needs, working as coaches to build skills and capabilities, as consultants to assess conditions and develop ready-to-implement solutions, and as interim managers for maximum control over process and results. Read more…

Delivery Process

Our proven Leanmap-5D process ensures that results are not only discussed but actually achieved. It provides a clear structure, keeping people focused, and the project on track. Quality gates ensure that deliverables are being met before resources are committed to the next phase. Read more…


We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with our clients’ teams, help navigating through the entire change cycle until results are achieved and systems are in place to sustain them.



Lean Operations



Supply Chain

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Strategy Consulting



Sales Management



Eco Operations



Manufacturing Troubleshooting

Joerg: International efficiency expert specialized in industrialization, rationalization and turnaround management. He holds degrees in business and engineering, is a certified auditor and Six Sigma Black Belt.  He speaks on the topics of rapid innovation, lean transformation, and cost reduction, led performance improvement and footprint optimizations, helping companies to create a competitive edge from lean operations.

Robert: Internationally experienced supply chain manager, strong in turnaround and sustainable performance improvement. Bridge builder, able to stimulate people of different backgrounds to work together effectively. Affinity with purchasing, commercial, operations and service disciplines. Strategic vision and focus on embedded results. Always creative in the quest for further improvement.

Evan: Strategy consultant who has helped clients from multibillion-dollar retailers to Internet startups create winning strategies with focus on marketing and operations. Evan holds an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School; a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Texas, Austin; and a BA from St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD. In the 1980s he was a consultant with McKinsey & Company, serving numerous large companies ranging from transportation to hospital management.

Carl: With a strongly data driven approach, International Sales and Business Development are undoubtedly Carl’s key strengths. Spanning across cultural divides to get teams work together and relentlessly deploying the agreed measures into activities are behavioral traits. Services, both physical and on-line, are areas of strong experience. Setting up the sales teams, assessments, incentivizing, development and follow-up are core to his work in five languages.

Fredrik: Specialist in eco industrialization, health-environment-safety-quality (HESQ), project management, organizational change, eco certification and related training. Fredrik has an affinity for “going green” with strong focus on changing the ways of working to reduce resource consumption. He has made strong contribution in changing organizational behavior in waste management, logistics, wood and paper, and oil industry.

Richard: With over twenty-five years in all aspects of manufacturing, from start ups to global enterprises in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa, Richard’s hands on experience ranging from production manager to senior executive has equipped him to analyze client problems swiftly and provide durable solutions all the way through to implementation. Pragmatic and results oriented he will find the shortest path from issue to answer.


We design and deliver turnkey solutions that not only improve results, but also move you past the competition. ‘Turnkey’ means that solutions are tested, validated, and ready for implementation. As a result, you will be able to produce faster and meet demand with more flexibility, less effort, less problems, and less capital. You will be able to lower the cost base while raising service and quality levels (yes, it is possible), and deliver ahead of the competition. Read more…


Do you operate at a world-class level? Are your processes equivalent to best practices? What works well and what should be improved? Where are the gaps and the ‘blind spots’? What can be done to get to the next level? If you have asked yourself any of those questions, then you should do the self-assessment to find out – scoring operational health and maturity level against world-class references. Read more…


We enable your people by developing their capabilities to get or stay ahead of the competition. Our academy program builds certified capability in lean management, six sigma, cost reduction, and project acceleration. In boot camps, participants learn, besides the technical skills, how to structure projects, organize teams, solve problems under pressure, and stretch beyond the comfort zone. Those champions will grow personally and professionally, and bring home not only seminar papers but significantly enhanced capabilities that will propel them forward, no matter the function or industry the work inRead more…


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Budget Rescue

Budget Rescue

Reducing costs and improve margins to bring budget in line with expectations.

Quick Diagnostics

Quick Diagnostics

Benchmarking factories and offices; assessing health and maturity level against world-class references to identify improvement opportunities.

Skill Transfer

Skill Transfer

Transferring knowledge to build strategic capability that creates a competitive advantage.

Performance Boost

Performance Boost

Reducing waste and variability to achieve better quality, faster deliver, higher efficiency.

Process Acceleration

Process Acceleration

Developing lean processes that deliver quality output on time at maximum efficiency through pull trigger, continuous flow, load leveling, and synchronization to actual demand.


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