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Lean Factory Audit

Health-Check for Manufacturing

Lean Factory Audit - when to use it

The Lean Factory Audit (LFA) is designed for product companies, such as manufacturers and service companies with high product content. It assesses the process of converting raw materials into finished goods based on the 20 Keys to World-Class Manufacturing (WCM). The factory audit is applicable to all five operating environments:

  • Project (flexible flow), such as construction and product development
  • Job (jumbled flow), such as a tooling or a car repair shop
  • Batch (disconnected line flow), such as bread baking or shoe production
  • Repetitive (connected line flow), such as automotive assembly
  • Continuous (continuous flow), such as a brewery or refinery

The following matrix shows an overview of manufacturing processes, organized by variety and volume. As a rule of thumb, use the Lean Factory Audit (LFA) for all businesses that process physical goods – adding value to items that can be touched, moved, and stored.

Plotting Results

Scores from the questionnaires are best graphed using a radar chart. Five concentric circles represent the five maturity levels, crossed by twenty lines, one for every assessment key. The audit chart is generated with the following steps:

  1. Download and print the audit template,
  2. Enter scores of individual keys and calculate the average score,
  3. Transfer scores to the radar chart, one dot per key,
  4. Connect dots to draw the profile, and
  5. Add reference information, such as assessment scope and date.