Food Ingredients

Lean Transformation

About the project

Lean transformation program to improve competitiveness and satisfy shareholders’ expectations. Implemented over 400 improvements projects across 20 locations with focus on capital and labor intensive processes, optimizing the way products are made, moved, and sold. Throughput speed and productivity doubled in key areas through targeted waste-reduction, load levelling, and flow management.

  • Industry: food ingredients
  • Scope: operations, creation
  • Locations: AR, AU, BR, CH, CN, DE, EG, HU, ID, JP, NL (2x), SG (2x), US (5x), ZA
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Support: 600 days to design and lead the program
  • Trained: 2000 people of 3200 operations personnel
  • Certified: 450 champions (Yellow, Green, Black Belt)
  • Benefit: CHF 36 million (93% savings + 7% growth)