Marine Electronics

Lean Transformation

About the project

Lean transformation and footprint rationalization program for the leading marine electronics company to improve competitiveness and operating margin. Solving operational bottlenecks delivered several breakthroughs: 44% gain in labor productivity, 53% floor space freed up, 94% reduced process inventory, and 66% improved first-pass yield, adding USD 8 million to the bottom line within the first 12 months. The Lean program helped the company to continuously improve product design, manufacturing practices, organisational setup, and management system. As a result, maturity level increased steadily by +0.31 points each year, gaining 42% productivity each year or 1100% (eleven-fold!) over the past seven years.

  • Industry: electronics
  • Scope: manufacturing, engineering, supply chain
  • Locations: MX, US, NO, NZ
  • Duration: 15 months
  • Support: 300 days interim management
  • Productivity: +42% p.a. (1100% over 7 years)
  • Impact: USD 8 million (first 12 months)