LEAN6™ Six Sigma Templates

Reduce Variability, Boost Quality

The Lean6™ toolkit contains Six Sigma worksheets for Microsoft Excel to reduce variability and boost quality. It includes spreadsheets for Six Sigma project charter, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), quality function deployment (QFD), control charts, quality cost calculator, templates for sampling, hypothesis-testing, system evaluation, and process optimization. Use those templates to analyze improvement potentials, predict population parameters, validate assumptions, improve quality and efficiency. The simple and structured layout of the Lean6™ Six Sigma worksheets for Excel make them intuitive and user-friendly. Practical application examples help first-time users to get familiar with Six Sigma tools and techniques. Start reducing variability and boost quality with Lean6™.

LEAN6™ Six Sigma Toolkit Content:

  • FREE Cause and Effect Diagram Fishbone for Excel
  • FREE Control Plan Template for Excel
  • FREE Correlation Analysis for Excel
  • FREE Data Collection Sampling Plan for Excel
  • FREE Failure Mode and Effect Analysis FMEA for Excel
  • FREE Hypothesis Testing Calculator for Excel
  • FREE Probability Distribution Calculator for Excel
  • FREE Probability Tree Calculator for Excel
  • FREE Process Framework SIPOC for Excel
  • FREE Quality Function Deployment QFD for Excel
  • FREE Quality Processes Overview for Excel
  • FREE Regression Analysis Calculator for Excel
  • FREE Sample Size Calculator for Excel
  • FREE Six Sigma Process DMAIC for Excel
  • FREE Six Sigma Project Charter for Excel
  • FREE Six Sigma Tools Overview for Excel
  • PRO Confidence Interval Calculator for Excel
  • PRO Cost of Quality Calculator for Excel
  • PRO Design of Experiment Full DOE for Excel
  • PRO Design of Experiment Saturated DOE for Excel
  • PRO Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility GRR for Excel
  • PRO P-Control Chart Template for Excel
  • PRO Sigma Quality Calculator for Excel
  • PRO XbarR Control Chart for Excel