TRANSLEAN™ Lean Templates

Reduce Waste, Boost Efficiency

The Translean™ toolkit contains Lean worksheets for Microsoft Excel to reduce waste and boost efficiency. It includes templates for 5S assessment, lean product development, kanban design, standard work, strategy deployment, roadmap design, scorecard setup, tactical implementation plan, value stream map, lean project charter, muda-mura-muri checklist, takt calculator and more. Use those templates to remove waste and cost from processes and systems, boosting value-add, labor productivity, and machine efficiency. The simple and structured layout of the Translean™ Lean worksheets for Excel make them intuitive and user-friendly. Practical application examples help first-time users to get familiar with Lean tools and techniques. Start reducing waste to boost efficiency with Translean™.

TRANSLEAN™ Lean Toolkit Content:

  • FREE 5S Checklist and 5S Control Chart for Excel
  • FREE Cause and Effect Diagram Fishbone for Excel
  • FREE Failure Mode and Effect Analysis FMEA for Excel
  • FREE Kanban Pull System Learning Card for Excel
  • FREE Lean Checklist 4M Man Method Machine Material for Excel
  • FREE Lean Checklists Waste Calculator for Excel
  • FREE Lean Improvement Process DMAIC for Excel
  • FREE Lean Process Framework SIPOC for Excel
  • FREE Lean Product Development Checklist for Excel
  • FREE Lean Project Charter Template for Excel
  • FREE Lean Tactical Implementation Plan TIP for Excel
  • FREE Process Takt Calculator for Excel
  • FREE Quality Control Plan Template for Excel
  • FREE Quality Processes Overview for Excel
  • FREE Standard Operating Procedure Template for Word
  • FREE Value Stream Mapping VSM Symbols for Excel
  • PRO Cost of Quality Calculator for Excel
  • PRO Kanban Designer Database for Excel
  • PRO Roadmap and Scorecard Templates
  • PRO Standard Work Templates for Excel and Pdf
  • PRO X-Matrix Strategy Deployment Template for Excel