Executive Operational Excellence

How to Double Productivity in 12 Sprints to
Conquer Customers, Investors, Employees,
Advancing Your Company and Career,
Without a Complicated Program!




Who Am I and Why I Offer This?
Working with over 150 clients around the world, I have learned firsthand what works and what does not. By sharing these insights, I want to help more people replicate these successes to achieve better results for a better life.
"Join us for this MASTERCLASS as we discuss how leaders and change champions can execute successful transformations that motivate employees, impress investors, and steal the show from the competition."
The principles and practices are universally applicable, work across industries and for companies of all sizes. Register for the webinar, set the bar high, and move the needle.
Meet Others Who Have Experienced the Program & Impact
Motivation and Impact
"The program delivered substantial and lasting improvement and strong internal motivation for starting programs at additional sites."
H. F. Wittusen
Director of Strategy
Recovery under Challenges
"Methods are flexible and adaptable to complex ecosystem and financial challenges. We recovered a good level of quality made and shipped.”
S. Nancy
Director of Operations
Exceptionally Positive
“Participant feedback in these change programs has been exceptionally positive; the results of meeting stretch targets speak for themselves."
J. T. Pietralla
President and CEO
Massive Coaching Impact
"The impact of your coaching on my life has been massive."
F. O. Alarcon
Head of Continuous Improvement
Source of Learning
“His experience makes every conversation a source of learning."
E. Poveda
Supply Chain Manager
Tough, Strict, Clear
"You will get tough goals, strict rules, clear feedback. You will learn a lot.”
L. Deth
Engineering Manager
Road to Excellence
"We have tried for years without understanding it. Leanmap made things clearer, simpler, more efficient. We are now on the road to excellence.”
T. Gauchet
Managing Director
Link Theory to Business
”The most user-friendly and practical training program I have undertaken; sowing clear and direct links between theory and real business examples."
T. White
Supply Chain Manager
Commit Further Efforts
"Understandable and motivating for the team to commit to further efforts. We have seen great improvements so far. Thank you!”  
R. Mevold
Regional Director
The main thing that separates achievers from non-achievers is that they take action and enlist the help of others to make progress.
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