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Consultants, Coaches, Change Agents

Joerg +


Lean Operations

International efficiency expert specialized in industrialization, rationalization and turnaround management Certified auditor, author, and speaker...
Robert +


Supply Chain

Senior expert in supply chain, sales and operations with focus on program- and turnaround management...
Rian +


Executive Coach

Rian supports leaders and teams to unlock their full performance potential She is an international...
Fredrik +


Eco Lighthouse

Specialist in health, environment, safety, quality (HESQ) with an affinity for “going green” by changing...
Richard +



Senior expert in Operational Management focused on ODM/OEM Manufacturing in international environments Intimate involvement with...
Evan +



Strategy expert, helping companies bring new products successfully to market Expertise includes market sizing, channel strategy,...

Consultants, Coaches, Change Agents

Executing Improvements

Client Needs

Our clients, entrepreneurs and business executives, look to find a sparring partner who is on par with them. They expect a counterpart who has a grasp of the situation and allows an objective view of the options. They want a result-oriented pragmatist with analytical diligence for what is real and a creative passion for the ideal. And, when in doubt, they want an advisor of a certain caliber and one who will not hesitate to give unpopular advice.

Our Assets

Technical and social competences are our assets. Because we are familiar from our own experience with the strategic and operational challenges facing our clients, we are valued sparring partners for senior management. And because we have managed teams and solved problems in day-to-day operations, front-line employees accept our involvement to guide them through the critical change process. The recipe of our success is grounded in our technical competence, applied creativity, and delivered sparks of inspiration that make minds and metrics move.

Our Competences

We adapt model solutions to new challenges as a result of creative combinatorial analysis of know-what and know-how, spiced with inspiration and innovation. An example is taking the proven concept of cellular manufacturing from automotive and applying it to the call center, improving response time and productivity of the back office operation. Competencies that are core to what we do include

  • Quick Diagnostics – assessing health and maturity to identify issues and opportunities,
  • Skill Transfer – developing strategic capabilities in lean and process management,
  • Performance Boost – reducing waste and variability to improve quality and efficiency,
  • Budget Rescue – improving cost and productivity to get in line with expectations, and
  • Process Acceleration – reducing total cycle time, process inventory, and time to market.

Our Profile

We thrive on change and enjoy solving problems while leading people to discover new ways of thinking and working. Our navigators combine high academic qualifications with years of practical experience – a combination that not only stands for solid concepts, but also produces realized results. We

  • create an open work atmosphere at every level of management,
  • consider processes, systems, and behavior in the assessment,
  • work together in teams with client management and staff,
  • impel the problem solving and decision-making process,
  • lead teams with methods, tools, and specialized content,
  • differentiate between problem solving work and persuasion,
  • track down barriers to change and remove them,
  • consider professional and personnel problems, and
  • instill lasting changes in behavior.

Engaging with us means change for you and for us. We learn from each other; jointly develop new competencies, translate learning into new standards, identify best practices, and broaden our understanding of methods and tools within our profession.