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Lean Consulting & Management


We make things happen, guiding teams through the critical change process to ensure that improvements are not only talked about, but also implemented and sustained.


We create real impact; help clients with rapid performance boosts that result in lower cost base and more efficient processes, and a stronger market position in the long-term.


We foster a culture of continuous improvement; by training people and systemizing processes we ensure that goals are achieved and gains sustained even long after we are gone.

About LeanMap

Lean – agile and efficient | Map – situation to destination

Lean Consulting and Lean Management

Leanmap enables manufacturers and service providers to achieve exceptional results with Lean. We help those clients to improve their competitive position with rapid performance boosts that result in lower cost base and more efficient processes, and a stronger market position in the long-term. Acting as their partners, we provide the required consulting and interim management assistance to restructure, stabilize, and expand – solving operational constraints, streamlining processes, laying out new factories, rationalizing operating footprints, and bringing mission-critical projects on track. We deliver real change because for us what is feasible takes priority over what is visionary, leaving our clients with benefits that are measurably above average and lasting.

The Leanmap Way

Navigating to Results sets us apart from traditional consulting firms simply because we simultaneously address people, processes and systems, ensuring that results are not only discussed but actually achieved. We act as partners to our clients, providing end-to-end services, from the initial diagnostics to a multi-site transformation program. With our deep technical knowledge, proven management expertise and cross-cultural skills, we are able to implement changes that bring businesses to the next level. We emphasize cooperation, roll up our sleeves, and work side by side with our clients’ teams, leading them through the critical change process until gains are realized, and skills and systems are in place to sustain them.

From Research to Result

We identify opportunities (Benchmarking), give advice (Consulting), build capability (Seminars), and lead the implementation (Interim Management) until targets are achieved. We assist our clients to design new factories and rationalize their manufacturing footprint, develop lean processes that shorten response-times and increase service levels, streamline research and development to get new products faster to market, develop shared service centers to centralize support functions, reduce variability and defect rate to reduce rework and warranty exposure, and improve overall operating efficiency to lower the cost base.

Our Approach

We are experts in lean management, and we understand that a sustainable increase in profitability must be based on continuous development of the operative business and revamped value chain. Our consulting, therefore, comprises all levels of the operational practice, from strategic orientation via portfolio management and corporate finance right through to operations. We believe in sustainable growth strategies and aim at the systemic combination of four factors of competitiveness:

  • Effective business models
  • Innovative products and services
  • Efficient processes with high value add
  • Profitable portfolio and market presence

Our Clients

As strategy and process consultants we work for well-known companies in the manufacturing and service sector, including consumer goods, chemicals, automotive, appliances, food, energy, metal, and recycling. Hotels and hospitals also make use of our process know-how, as logistics and trade companies do. As three-quarters of our business comes from globally operating manufacturers, the majority of our consultants have an engineering-technical education, in addition to specific business know-how and/or tier-one consulting background. Without exception they are well-connected industry insiders with vast practical experience, providing concepts that create a competitive advantage for our clients.

Our Experts

Leanmap consultants have the know-what and the know-how to make things happen. In addition to earning academic degrees in business and science, we have worked extensively in industry, primarily in management functions, prior to moving to consulting. Thanks to our cross-functional and specialized knowledge, we are competent coaches for our clients and are readily accepted by their staff to guide them through the critical change process.

Our Expertise

Clients call us mainly for one of two reasons: solving a constraint to get out of a crisis or optimizing the business to deliver stronger performance. Even though each situation is different and every engagement is unique, we have developed modular solutions to address common challenges. Depending on the benefit potential and desired rate of change, we select those modules that promise strong performance gains and strike a healthy balance between the short-term gains and the long-term benefits.

  • Quick Diagnostics: assessing health and maturity to identify issues and opportunities
  • Budget Rescue: improving cost and productivity to get in line with expectations
  • Skill Transfer: developing strategic capabilities in lean and process management
  • Performance Boost: reducing waste and variability to improve quality and efficiency
  • Process Acceleration: reducing total cycle time, working capital, and time to market

Our Methods

Our methods are consistent but not rigid. They are adapted for each industry and to the individual business model of our particular client. They allow us to quickly and effectively targeting redundancies, duplications, and hidden losses. By doing so, we help clients taking out waste and cost from their systems, becoming more flexible and agile in the process, and ultimately strengthening financial health and overall competitiveness. Applications include operational due diligence, footprint rationalization, process streamlining, lean transformations, and turnaround management.

What Clients Say

Feedback from Survey

The graph below shows 211 unfiltered responses from clients in 19 countries, submitted by 10% executives, 71% managers, 16% specialists and 3% operators during 2014-2016.

  1. People who say that the session was useful and impactful; rated good to excellent
  2. People who say that we clearly understand their challenges and needs; rated good to excellent
  3. People who say that our advice and solutions are effective; rated good to excellent
  4. People who say that they will recommend us to others; rated likely to certainly
  5. People who say that they will start doing something new or different; rated likely to certainly
1. Sessions are useful
2. Needs are understood
3. Solutions are effective
4. Recommend us to others
5. Motivated to change

Tell us and we’ll listen. This is the only way to improve our program and your results. The survey takes 5-15 minutes, dependent how specific your feedback is (more is better). Thanks for taking the time; we certainly appreciate your feedback.