Enhancing the Value Chain, Strengthening Competitiveness

With our unique combination of strategic thinking and innovative concepts, we develop new solutions that not only improve results, but also move you past the competition. As a result, you will be able to meet market requirements with reduced time and effort, fewer problems, and less capital. Your value chain will more agile, responding with higher level of quality and efficiency, meeting customer demands at a measurably lower cost base.

The Leanmap Way: Navigating to Results

In tandem with your team, we co-invent solutions that ensure rapid and lasting success. We follow a structured process to develop ready-to-implement solutions, which reduces the burden on your people, the investment for our services, and the total lead-time of the project. During the ‘Define’ phase, we sit down with key stakeholders and identify current needs and desired results. The project charter is then used as guideline during the ‘Diagnose’ phase, to analyze capabilities and conditions that make up the current state. Several drill-downs identify problems and potentials, they serve as key inputs for the ‘Design’ phase to develop a shared vision of the future. It is this collaborative effort that establishes trust and builds the capabilities that are required to actually achieve the desired future state. The newly developed concepts are being tested in a controlled environment under real live conditions to validate the concept and convince people who are sceptical until then. This buy-in is essential before moving into the ‘Deployment’ phase, where activities are being scheduled and ownership is established. When we leave, you can be sure that your team has a proven solution at hand and a detailed plan to implement it. For challenging situations, such as restructuring and turnarounds, we provide additional support to lead the implementation until goals are achieved and new processes and structures are stabilized.

Method and Tools

We utilize a wide range of tools and techniques to maximize our impact. They include generic approaches such as PDCA, 8D, X-Matrix, DMAIC, as well as custom to Lean Six Sigma that have been developed and refined over many years to provide maximum result for our clients. But more importantly, our approach is to work closely with your key people to achieve shared goals. We believe that the only way to achieve sustained success is to work with your people to design and implement the change, rather than engaging in rapid interventions followed by countless course corrections. We also appreciate certain stakeholders who are sceptical to the success of any change activity, so we have developed an approach where we take the time to understand their level of engagement and influence, so we can develop a strategy that enables them to participate and create a clear communications plan.

From Concept to Completion in Five Steps (5D)

  • Define: frame project, define voice of customer (VOC), employee (VOE), business (VOB),
  • Diagnose: analyze current situation, identify problems and improvement potential,
  • Design: develop future state concept, build skills and capability foundation of team,
  • Deploy: apply concept in controlled area, confirm assumptions, formalize processes,
  • Delegate: build capabilities; define handover schedule, deliverables, and ownership.

Available Templates for Performance Improvement

  • Due Diligence: analyzing the conditions for a successful merger, transfer, divestment,
  • Cost Reduction: lowering the cost base to safeguard liquidity and improve competitiveness,
  • Rapid Innovation: streamlining product development, going faster to market,
  • Lean Transformation: increasing speed and efficiency in plant and office, and
  • Quality Improvement: reducing variability and defect level to reduce exposure.

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