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Building Strategic Capabilities

Capability is Key

We enable your people by developing their capabilities to get or stay ahead of the competition. Our academy program builds certified capability in lean management, six sigma, cost reduction, and project acceleration. In boot camps, participants learn, besides the technical skills, how to structure projects, organize teams, solve problems under pressure, and stretch beyond the comfort zone. Those champions will grow personally and professionally, and bring home not only seminar papers but significantly enhanced capabilities that will propel them forward, no matter the function or industry the work in.


‘Navigating to Results’ means building certified capability. Desire and commitment are the only prerequisites for the courses. In the definition-phase, course applicants explain why they want to take the course, how much effort they are willing to commit, and what they expect to achieve. Accepted students join the first session, the “Training-Camp”, to learn tools and techniques. They immediately apply this learning during the diagnostics-phase to analyze current conditions, identify improvement opportunities, and develop a first vision of an improved future state.Under the guidance of our trainer, students develop the detailed concept of the future state. This design-phase is followed by the deployment-phase, implementing the new concept to generate tangible benefits. After results are proven and validated, students register for camp-2. During this “Certification-Camp”, they learn how to systemize improvements, improve their presentation and speaking skills, and expand their skill-set so they can tackle larger projects. Students who successfully complete the course leave camp-2 with significantly improved knowledge, proven capabilities, confidence in themselves, and a tangible certificate in their hands.

Certification in 5 Steps

  • Define – describe purpose and what you expect from the seminar (application)
  • Diagnose – learn the techniques to identify and analyze potentials (training)
  • Design – apply new knowledge to develop future state, coach provides e-support
  • Deliver – overcome barriers, implement solution, measure impact, validate effectiveness
  • Delegate – leadership training, present impact, get certified (certification)

Contact develop your team’s skills and capabilities – ‘Navigating to Results’.