About LeanMap

Lean – agile and efficient  |  Map – situation to destination

Leanmap Company Profile

Company Profile

Leanmap enables manufacturers and service providers to achieve exceptional results with Lean. We help those clients to improve their competitive position with rapid performance boosts that result in lower cost base and more efficient processes, and a stronger market position in the long-term.

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Leanmap Engagement Model

Engagement Model

We are experts in Lean Management, and know what it takes to achieve challenging goals efficiently. Our role follows the identified need of our clients; acting as coach to build capability in lean boot camps, as lean consultant to provide advice and develop ready-to-implement solutions.

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Delivery Process

We use a structured process to solve operational constraints, streamline processes, rationalize operating models, and bringing mission-critical projects back on track. Our proven 5D framework ensures that results are not only discussed but also actually achieved.

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Our Services

Enabling leaders move organizations to a higher level of performance.



We enable clients improve their competitive position with rapid performance improvements that result in better returns, lower costs, and more efficient processes; and with a stronger market position in the long-term. As strategy consultants, we help client companies define, change, and deploy their strategies. As operations consultants we solve constraints, streamline processes, rationalize the operating model, design new factory layouts, and bring mission-critical projects back on track. In essence, we are there to help leaders lift organizations to the next level – Navigating to Results.

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Today’s global marketplace demands that companies become faster and more productive on a consistent basis. To succeed and prosper in the long run, companies must drive the changes necessary to reach a level of health and maturity that make them invincible to attack by competitors. What’s your current position? Do you operate at a world-class level? Are your processes on a par with best practices? Where are the gaps and opportunities?  What can be done to get to the next level? Do the online self-assessment to find out; measure health and maturity level against world-class references.

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Our academy program builds certified capability in lean management, six sigma quality, cost reduction, and project acceleration. In intensive training seminars, the “Boot Camps”, participants learn to see the hidden wastes and opportunities, and how to go after them. They learn to map the value stream end-to-end, structure cross-functional projects, organize teams, solve systemic problems and – most importantly – stretch beyond their personal comfort zone. Those champions grow personally and professionally, and bring back not only seminar papers but also new thinking and enhanced capability.

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Lean Audit

Health-Check for Factory and Office

The Lean Audit allows you to determine operational health and maturity level by assessing people, processes, and systems, so you can make an accurate comparison between the existing configuration and industry best practices. Insights gained from the Lean Audit will help you identify the opportunities and course-corrections that ultimately lead to higher performance levels, while gaining a competitive edge from a leaner operation. Performing a Lean Audit helps you challenge the status quo and improve operational fitness to better compete in a rapidly evolving world.


The Lean Audit is available as guidebook and application for desktop and mobile.






Implemented Improvements

Navigating to Results sets us apart from traditional consulting firms simply because we simultaneously address people, processes, structures and systems, ensuring that results are not only discussed but actually achieved. We act as partners to our clients, providing end-to-end services from the initial diagnostics to a full-scale transformation program. With our deep technical knowledge, proven management expertise and cross-cultural experience, we are able to implement changes that bring businesses to the next level. We emphasize on cooperation, roll up our sleeves, and work side-by-side with our clients’ teams, leading them through the critical change process until skills are developed, projects implemented, gains realized, and systems in place to sustain them long-term – Navigating to Results.


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Our Team

Consultants, Coaches, Change Agents

Leanmap consultants have the know-what and the know-how to make things happen. In addition to earning academic degrees in business and science, we have worked extensively in industry, primarily in management functions, prior to moving to consulting. Thanks to our cross-functional and specialized knowledge, we are competent coaches for our clients and are readily accepted by their staff to guide them through the critical change process.


Joerg – Lean Operations


Robert – Supply Chain


Richard – Manufacturing


Rian – Executive Coach


Fredrik – Eco Lighthouse


Evan – Market Strategy


What Clients say

"You will get tough goals, strict rules, clear feedbacks. You will learn a lot." Engineering Manager, Givaudan Food Flavours - Hungary
"Lean consultant with a broad range of experience; he can leverage your company's results beyond your limits." Site Director, Givaudan Food Flavours - Mexico
"Intense and highly valuable experience! Prepare for some unpleasant questions and maybe even more unpleasant answers resulting in the best ideas possible to get the job done to fulfill your customers needs." Black Belt Trainee, Givaudan Food Flavours - Germany
"Your workshop day was impressive. My team was amazed and you were great! I see that you challenged our thinking and inspired our the team. They are anxious to start." Head Regulatory Affairs, Givaudan Food Flavours - Europe
"The Lean program evolved as an engine for cultural change and performance improvement; skills and capabilities enabled the creation of value beyond the initial expectations; experienced change agent who made a significant contribution to our organization and I can only recommend for any operations improvement program, especially those with a global footprint." Global Head of Operations, Givaudan Food Flavours - Global (Switzerland)
" Under the Lean program, performance increased in all key processes: +50% in labor productivity and +16% process performance, resulting in cost reductions of 27%, 12%, and 9% for the top three processes. " Regional Head of Operations Processing Industry - Latin America (Brazil)
"You speak and communicate in a way that makes it understandable and motivating for the team to commit to further efforts. In addition you are able to make the team understand that this is not “a walk in the park”, without creating demotivation. We have seen great improvements so far, thanks!" Regional Manager, NG Waste Processing - Norway
"Highly knowledgeable and experienced Lean change agent with a strong ability to introduce and facilitate substantial and lasting improvements at our processing plants. In an operational setting with no previous Lean experience he has quickly earned the trust and commitment of plant managers and operators alike, and his stepwise approach and strong coaching skills have resulted in strong internal motivation and popular demand for starting Lean transformation programs at additional sites. We are very satisfied with the approach and results." Director of Strategy, NG Environmental Services - Norway
"Overall I was very satisfied with what we accomplished during this 6 weeks period. I would say that your version of this is more extreme then we have learned before and I think I know why. You have to be extreme to get real change and I believe 100% in your way. We met all of my expectations and more. Production output improved from 400 to 1500 units per week. Thanks a lot for what you have done with my people and organization; it would never have been possible without your skill and experience. You pushed us over a hill that we couldn’t have done ourselves." SVP Manufacturing, Simrad Marine Electronics - Norway
"You have made more difference to this project than the entire team that you have seen, as well as the ones that you have not." Project Manager, LMT Military Vehicles - South Africa
"Working with Leanmap has built a stable structure for continuous improvement in our company. Their unique ability to understand, cooperate with and develop people at all levels and departments throughout the organization assures that we achieve results beyond expectations, and leaves behind teams of highly dedicated and motivated employees that will continue to grow and develop our company Lean style. To summarize, I would use just one word: word-class!" Operations Manager, NG Waste Processing - Norway
"Committed and results-driven, having spent 12 months helping Navico transform its manufacturing operations globally to ensure successful operations. His optimism and can-do attitude combined with a creative out-of-the-box approach for initiating change has been a great catalyst in driving the Lean-implementation. The participant feedback in these change programs has been exceptionally positive. I can confidently recommend him for any assignment in the area of manufacturing or supply chain management. I firmly believe his skills and experience will measure up to any challenge." CEO, Navico Marine Electronics - Global (Norway)
"You have ccomplished something big that keeps on delivering. Production runs at an excellent level and new improvements are noticeable every single day. Your work has definitely beard fruits. Thanks again for your engagement and commitment." CEO, Daimler Trucks Automotive - Global (Germany)
"Passion, structure, and credibility. Lean experts with a lot of experience, highly competent, hands-on and convincing." Management Team, Klosterfrau Pharma - Germany
"Excellent resource for skill and capability building. Compared to other firms I have interacted with, you do an excellent job structuring the program so it is simple to implement and directly related to real-world scenarios." Compounding Manager, Givaudan Flood Flavours - USA
"Professionals, well experienced, demanding. Dynamic and energetic feedback. Strong capability to adapt the chosen approach to the local business and cultural environment." Factory Team, Givaudan Food Flavours - Hungary
"Effective, efficient, insightful and no B.S. approach. They get the job done. The most user-friendly and practical Lean training program I have seen. You have taken what can be quite complex, and broken it down to real life examples. Very professional." Production Team, Givaudan Food Flavours - Australia
"Professional, knowledgeable, proven, fun, interesting, effective, and challenging." Production Manager, Givaudan Food Flavours - Brazil
"Well prepared, result oriented, focused, with the proper knowledge and experience. Practise orientated, effective with a lot of examples from the real life. Good training material, positive attitude, good knowledge and communication skills. They know what they want and how to achieve it." Office Team, Givaudan Food Flavours - Hungary
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