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  • Lean Factory Audit (LFA) assesses maturity level in MANUFACTURING; for any operation that converts raw materials into finished goods = 2 hours.
  • Lean Office Audit (LOA) assesses maturity level in professional SERVICE, such as Engineering, Accounting, Consulting, Administration = 2 hours.
  • Lean Quick Audit (LQA) assesses five dimensions that are critical to any business: Costing, Management, Readiness, Service, Solving = 30 minutes.
  • 5S Factory Check (5SF) and 5S Office Check (5SO) assess cleanliness and organizational level in factory and office environments = 6 minutes each.
  • Lean White Belt (LWB) is an exam to assess knowledge in lean; the test covers basic tools, such as 5S, 8 Wastes, PDCA problem solving = 20 minutes.
  1. Select from the pull-down list: audit, industry, country
  2. Enter comments: audit scope and names of participants
  3. Click "START NEW AUDIT" and answer all questions or
  4. Click "VIEW PAST AUDITS" to resume an incomplete audit
  5. Once completed, you will receive the audit score via e-mail