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Lean Office Audit

Health-Check for Service

Lean Office Audit – when to use it

The Lean Office Audit (LFA) is designed for service companies operating in an office environment. It assesses the process of converting consumers into satisfied customers based on the 20 Keys to World-Class Service (WCS). The five types of services include:

  •  Business services such as consulting, banking and financial services
  • Trade services such as retailing, maintenance and repair
  • Personal services such as restaurants and healthcare
  • Public services such as government and education
  • Infrastructure services such as transportation and communication

The following table shows an overview of service processes, organized by labor intensity and customer interactions. As a rule of thumb, use the office audit for all businesses that process information – adding value through analysis, design, advice, or control.


Plotting Results

Scores from the questionnaires are best graphed using a radar chart. Five concentric circles represent the five maturity levels, crossed by twenty lines, one for every assessment key. The audit chart is generated with the following steps:

  1. Download and print the audit template,
  2. Enter scores of individual keys and calculate the average score,
  3. Transfer scores to the radar chart, one dot per key,
  4. Connect dots to draw the profile, and
  5. Add reference information, such as assessment scope and date.